The Iranian people are naturally kind, hospitable and generous. Despite any preconceptions built up by the Western media, Iran is also a very safe country to visit.

Tourism is now a well-accepted and welcome industry in Iran and, provided you stick to the local customs and show respect when visiting holy places, you will never be made to feel unwelcome. Although more and more travelers are visiting Iran each year, foreigners are still a novelty: you'll find that the Iranians are surprisingly interested in you.

No cause for alarm - it's only because they genuinely want to talk to you, or practice their English on you. In rural areas non-English speakers will still take a hearty interest in you. Fortunately your guide can always interpret, which makes conversation with the locals possible but if you don't have your guide we recommend you this page!
Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, vfrm = very formal, inf = informal, vinf = very informal.


English(Persian) Fārsī / فارسى
Welcome (khosh amadid) خوش آمدید
(General greeting)
(dorood) درود
(salâm) سلام
How are you? حال شما چطور است؟
(hale shoma chetor ast?)
حالتون چطوره؟
(haletun chetore?)
حالت چطوره؟
(halet chetore?)
Reply to 'How are you?' من خوبم ممنون، شما چطوريد؟
(man khubam mamnun, shoma chetorid?)
Long time no see خيلي وقته که ازت خبري نيست
(kheili vaghte ke azat khabari nist)
مدت زمان زيادي است که شما را نديده ام
(moddate ziadi ast ke shoma ra nadideh am)
What's your name? اسم شما چیست؟
(esm e shoma chist?)
اسمتون چيه؟
(esmetun chie?)
نام شما چيست؟
vfrm - (naam e shoma chist?)
اسم شما چيه؟
inf - (esm e shoma chie?)
My name is ... اسم من ... است.
(esm e man ... ast)
نام من ... است
vfrm - (naam e man ... ast)
اسم من ... ه
inf - (esm e man ... eh)
Where are you from? شما اهل کجا هستيد؟
(shoma ahleh koja hastid?)
اهل کجايي؟
(ahle kojayee?)
I'm from ... من از ... هستم
(man az ... hastam)
Pleased to meet you از ملاقات شما خوش وقتم
(az molaghat-e shomâ khosh vaghtam)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
(sobh bekheir) صبح بخير
Good night (shab bekheir) شب بخير
(Parting phrases)
(bedrood) بدرود
(khoda hafez) خداحافظ
Good luck (mo'afagh bashed) موفق باشيد
(Toasts used when drinking)
(be salâmati!) به سلامتي!
Have a nice day روز خوبي داشته باشيد!
(ruze xubi dâšte bâšid!)
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
(befarma'id) بفرماييد
(nooshe jan) نوش جان
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
(safar khosh) سفر خوش
(safar be kheir) سفر به خير
(be salamat) به سلامت
I understand متوجه ام
(motevajjeh am)
I don't understand نمي فهمم
متوجه نميشم
(motevajjeh nemisham)
I don't know من نمی دانم
Please speak more slowly ميشه آهسته تر صحبت کنيد؟
(mishe ahesteh tar sohbat konid)
خواهش مي کنم آهسته تر صحبت کنيد
(khahesh mikonam ahesteh tar sohbat konid)
Please say that again مي شه دوباره بگيد؟
(miše dobâre begid?)
خواهش مي کنم دوباره تکرار کنيد
(khahesh mikonam dobare tekrar konid)
Please write it down لطفا یادداشت کنید
(lotfan yaddasht konid)
Do you speak Persian? شما فارسي صحبت مي کنيد؟
frm - (shomâ fârsi sohbat mekunid?)
تو فارسي حرف مي زني؟
inf - (to fârsi harf mizani?)
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
بله ، من فارسي حرف مي زنم
(bale, man fârsi harf mizanam)
بله، يه کم
(bale, ye kam)
How do you say ... in Persian? شما ... رو به فارسي چي ميگين؟
(shoma ... ro be Fārsi chi migin)
Excuse me ببخشيد!
معذرت ميخوام
(mazerat mikham)
How much is this? قيمتش چنده؟
(gheymatesh chande?)
قيمت اين چند است؟
(gheymate in chand ast?)
Sorry (moteassefam) متاسفم!
Thank you ممنونم
frm - (mamnūnam)
vinf - (mersi)
vfrm - (moteshakkeram)
Reply to thank you خواهش مي كنم
(khahesh mikonam)
Where's the toilet? دستشويي کجاست؟
(dashtshuee kojast?)
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything اون براي همه چي پول مي ده
(un barâye hameci pul mide)
Would you like to dance with me? دوست داريد با من برقصيد؟
(dust dârid bâ man beraqsid?)
با من مي رقصيد؟
(bâ man miraqsid?)
I miss you دلم برات تنگ شده
(delam barat tang shodeh)
I love you عاشقتم
دوست دارم
used in poetry and songs - (dūset dāram)
Get well soon زود خوب شو
(zud xub šo)
Leave me alone! من را تنها بگذاريد!
(man ra tanha bohzarid!)
منو تنها بذار!
(mano tanha bezar!)
Help! (komak!) کمک!
Fire! (âtiš!) آتیش
Stop! (vâysâ!) وایسا
Call the police! پليسو خبر کنيد
(poliso xabar konid)
Christmas and New Year greetings كریسمس مبارک
(kerismas mobārak)
سال نو مبارک
(sale no mobārak)
Easter greetings عيد پاک مبارک
(eide pak mobārak)
Birthday greetings تولدت مبارک
(tavallodet mobārak)
One language is never enough يک زبان کافي نيست
(yek zabân kâfi nist)
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
هاورکرافت من پر مارماهى است
(havercrafte man pore mārmāhi ast)

Recordings and corrections from Bahaareh Asghari (بهاره اصغرى)

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