Isfahan, Matin Abad

Matin Abad Desert Camp & Organic Farm founded in 2008 by a group of naturalists and tourism experts. The aim is to offer visitors unforgettable adventures as close to nature as possible. With treks on camel or on foot, accompanied by high experienced naturalists, bike rides through landscapes of sand dunes and mountain gorges, desert walks at night unbelievable star-lit skies.

The modern camp is situated on the border between the desert and the steppe and it is located 45 Km south-east of Kashan one of the main attractions of central Iran.

The Matin Abad region remains a site of unparalleled beauty. The desert plains constantly change colours from rich green to pastel oceans of swaying grass and desert shrubs and trees. Silver in the rising sun and golden at dusk.


The main concepts that are kept in mind when designing the Camp were as follows:

To be exposed to nature as in a camp tent or suites.

Design and build interfering as little as possible with the environment and local custom and tradition.That’s why we consider the main building based on a Caravanserai plan.

A plan of a Persian-inspired building as a roadside inn where travellers could rest and recover from their journey.

A building with a single portal, wide enough to permit large or heavily laden beasts such as camels to enter. The courtyard was almost always open to the sky, and the inside walls of the enclosure were outfitted with a number of identical stalls, bays, niches, or chambers to accommodate Travellers.

Take advantage of the sight. Camp gives sight to the Karkas Mountains and the desert horizon right from tents and suites.

Bringing the Persian Desert nomadic spirit alive .


The tents are designed based on traditional Iranian nomad tents equipped with mosquito nets for warm weather with Korsi (Iranian style heating) for the colder months. The tents are designed by us and made by Iran Red Cross Organization. The material is ordered to use more cotton in the textile and less chemical ones. Body Quality is Polyester-Cotton and Floor (bottom) and Top Cover Quality is Polyester coated with PVC all in light colors.

Facilities and Services:

  • Tents
  • Caravansarai Room
  • Shahneshin (King’s Room)
  • Gooshvareh (earring room)
  • Koome ( Hut Room)
  • Camel Riding
  • Astronomy
  • Cycling and Riding ATV
  • Restaurant
  • Tea House